About Us


Yakutia; one of the last truly undiscovered, untouched, pristine and magnificent areas of the world; so vast, so exotic, so cold, so ancient, so remote and yet seemingly so unknown to the world at large. Ask most people what they know about Yakutia and the reply normally ranges from ‘I’ve no idea’ to ‘I think I’ve seen it on the board game Risk’. For such an amazing part of the world to be largely unheard of to the travelling community is astonishing in this day and age. Those who have heard of Yakutia and venture into these distant lands are often the extreme adventure seeker. Cycling a 100km mountain bike trail in temperatures of minus 50 degrees centigrade is something these guys do before breakfast! With the confidence to ‘go it alone’ in a country with few English speakers and a largely unestablished tourist network, these brave relatively few adventurers gain the experience of a lifetime; whether that may be a winter journey to Oymyakon, the coldest inhabited place on earth at minus 71.2 degrees centigrade, or watching the mind expanding and spirit stirring ancient shaman summer solstice ceremony performed in the hot mid-summer ‘white nights’. These lucky few leave Yakutia with treasured memories that last a lifetime.

Our Mission:

Our aim at Discover-Yakutia is to promote this undiscovered, unexplored region of the world and make it much more accessible to those other than the ‘go it aloners’. So that you too may experience these mystical and timeless lands and participate in truly authentic travel.

Our Function:

Discover-Yakutia operates as a travel agent. We have working relationships with the leading tour operators in Yakutia and represent them as their travel agent. We offer the best tours available from the tour operators. In addition we actively seek to develop the types of tours in cooperation with the tour companies with truly adventurous and authentic travel as our main focus.

Handling the Details:

At Discover-Yakutia we are well aware just how daunting and difficult travelling in Russia can be, what with visa requirements, the lack of English speakers, the difficulty in obtaining relevant information and the relatively unestablished tourist network. Many people are simply too afraid of the unknown and never make the trip. You can be certain that we will handle all of the details to make your trip as straightforward and comfortable as possible. For example we provide the necessary ‘tourist voucher’ required when applying for a visa, we make sure you are registered at local police station if you intend to stay longer than 10 days, we advise on what to wear in temperatures that can be as low as minus 70 degrees centigrade in the height of winter. We also arrange airport pick-ups and English speaking guides. Our English speaking guides are all native Yakutians who are passionate about The Republic of Sakha. They are able to offer cultural and historic insights and can even read the menus for you at restaurants! We aim to cover all aspects of your trip to make it as carefree as possible.

Who are we?

Discover-Yakutia is personally run and owned with two directors; Elena Pakhomova and Daniel Alexander. Elena is a Russian national of Yakutian ethnicity, born and raised in Yakutsk, the capital city of Yakutia. She speaks Russian and the native Yakutian language and is also fluent in Chinese and English. Daniel is a British national who has lived in Asia for over 10 years. An embarrassed ‘mono-linguist’ he speaks ‘Queen’s English’ only! Together we run and manage the company from Hong Kong. We are small enough to offer a personalised, friendly and trustworthy service to those who travel with us, before and after you have booked. We are here for you to speak to; you can pick up the phone and call us during office hours or set up a Skype meeting. We aim to bring you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you are fully informed about all aspects of the trip, and have received straight answers to your straight questions.

Tailor-made Tours:

People travel for many different reasons. It may be for business, weekend trips, holidays, extreme adventure breaks or even for ‘visa runs’. Our aim at Discover-Yakutia is to Tailor your trip to Yakutia according to your requirements, whether you’re travelling alone or as part of a group. If your time is limited you may prefer to sightsee around the capital city, Yakutsk, taking in the rich mix of Russian and Yakutian culture for a few days. You could take day trips out to the countryside to see magnificent mountains and valleys or even plan a spring picnic in an idyllic grass meadow, surrounded by forest and flowers. Or maybe you have longer and dream of exploring the remote villages with a 10 day adventure tour in winter, a truly extreme exploration. If physical exercise is your thing, there are trekking tours, kayaking tours and mountain bike tours. Or if you really want to take it easy there are 3 to 14 day river cruises along the great rivers. If you’re a ‘new age’ spiritual being you’ll be right at home here as shamanism plays a big part in Yakutian culture. Observe and take part in Shaman rituals or visit one of the famous shaman healers and mystics here, to help purify your soul and guide you into the future.

There’s so much on offer to see and do that whatever reason you come to Yakutia, Discover-Yakutia will point you in the right direction and offer you something truly unique to experience.