Summer Adventures

Summers in Yakutia are short, hot and dry. During the day temperatures in July and August reach 25-35 degrees Celsius but you will find the evenings fairly cool making for a very comfortable night’s sleep. Summer tours are offered from June to September.

Summer is the best time to visit Yakutia with nature at its most beautiful. There are lots of cool activities on offer from trekking, catamaraning, fishing, bird watching, rafting, mountain biking, sightseeing amazing rock formations, swimming, waterfall sightseeing and swimming, deer riding, and horse riding. There are also ethno tours to the native tribes of Yakutia where one can observe and take part in the traditional way of life. It’s also the best time to observe Yakutian culture, with June being the month of the extraordinary Shaman ceremonies of the summer solstice.


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