Winter Adventures

Winters in Yakutia are long, dry and extremely cold. Temperatures in December and January range from -42 to -55 degrees Celsius and lower in certain places. Despite these astonishingly low temperatures, life goes on. Believe it or not, as long as you dress accordingly the cold does not pose much of a problem. Winter tours run from November to March.

In winter Yakutia is at its most majestic and awe inspiring with Mother Nature in her most devastating, formidable and uncompromising state; it is a true winter wonderland to behold. For the winter tours the temperature itself is the main attraction. Tours run to the Pole of Cold throughout the winter months with adventure travellers keen to experience an unimaginable degree of cold. However there are still unique activities to take part in such as dog sledding, reindeer sledding, ice fishing as well as sightseeing tours of the beautiful winter landscape. Ethno tours run throughout the winter with visits to the native tribes of Yakutia. These tours offer the chance to observe and take part in the traditional way of life whilst you learn to dog sled, reindeer sled and stay in traditional dwellings. In March when winter gives way to spring and one can stay outside for longer, there’s also skiing and snow-boarding. If not for anything else, winter is the time to visit so that one can observe the spectacular winter sun in all its stunning glory.

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