Mystical Lands

The Valley of Death, the Siberian Yeti, the Labynkyr ‘Nessie’, the Tunguska Meteor mystery, ancient myths and poems portraying dazzling fireballs, fiery whirlwinds, explosions, disc-like ‘rotating islands’, falling stars, dashing lightning and demons. Sakha is home to many ancient and more recent mysteries. The Tunguska meteor mystery of 1908 is the most famous and as yet no one has been able to definitively prove what exactly happened. It appears the meteor exploded before it hit the earth, knocking down some eighty million trees and flattening over 2150 square kilometres. The mystery is closely connected to the ancient myths and poems of fireballs and explosions going back thousands of years. As is the mystery of the strange sunken metal cauldrons of the Valley of Death. Descriptions of these cauldrons are legendary but as yet there is no hard evidence to confirm their existence due to the remoteness and difficulty of exploring such a vast area. Despite this the mystery remains strong. Some believe that the cauldrons were made by aliens thousands of years ago. It is said the cauldrons exist as a defence against comets and other alien spacecraft and once activated they fire ‘dashing lightning’ and intercept the intruder with enormous explosions, so some believe. Others believe they may be the remains of UFOs wrecked in an accident or an ancient aerial battle.