Welcome to Yakutia


The Republic of Sakha

A place so few travellers have ever heard of and even fewer venture to explore. Yakutia is located in Eastern Siberia and encompasses a vast area of land the equivalent in size to India. But with under a million inhabitants it is essentially a gigantic Unexplored Wilderness, one of the few areas left in the world. A place like perhaps you have never experienced before; Pure, Untouched, Vast, Undiscovered and Mystical. These Primordial lands which time forgot is mostly unexplored ancient forest, mountains, plateaus, great rivers and lakes.

It is a region of massive extremes of temperature. Whist the summers are short and hot, Yakutia is unmistakably dominated by long and Extremely Cold winters and it’s from here that the republic draws its identity. Forty percent of Yakutia is within the Arctic Circle; to truly experience Yakutia you have to travel here in winter. Travelling to Yakutia in winter when temperatures range from -45 to -70 C is extreme travel in the highest. Be prepared for freezing ice in your nostrils, heavy ice packed eyelashes and eyebrows and ice beards for those of you with facial hair. Make no mistake, this is not for the faint-hearted. Be Brave, Be Bold, dare to do something truly different and actively seek out genuine adventure. You shall see the winter wonderland of Yakutia in all her Pristine, shimmering, crystal glory and gaze in awe at the brightest dazzling pure white sun that you’ll surely ever see. Mother Earth’s magnificent Winter Paradise is awaiting your arrival.