Wonderful Wildlife

Yakutia has an incredible diversity of flora and fauna.

There are nearly 2000 species of plant of which over a hundred are considered medicinal and used in traditional medical practises.

There are over 64 species of mammal in Yakutia. In the far arctic north a multitude of islands can be found abundant with rare animals such as the polar bear, walrus and seal. Mainland Yakutia is home to vast numbers of reindeers, brown bears, wolves, elks, musk deer as well fur-bearing animals such as blue foxes, sables, foxes, ermines and minks. Recently a close cooperation between Canada, Alaska and Russia has successfully re-introduced the Wood Bison to eastern Siberia. Up to the 10th century it is known that Wood Bison were still to be found in Yakutia before their numbers collapsed due to over hunting. Another wonderful wild animal is the Yakut Horse. It is an amazingly hardy breed of horse. Small, sturdy and with a thick mane and heavy hair coat, these horses are able to withstand the severe cold climate and locate and graze on vegetation deep under the snow. The Yakuts love these wild, cute horses and they are afforded official protection by the authorities. To help the horses in the extremes of winter, people often leave hay for them to feed on in areas the horses are known to frequent. They build open huts with roofs and place hay under so that the snow doesn’t cover the hay. Yakutia also has its own breed of dog similar to huskies. Known as Laika dogs they are extremely strong and fit. Used to pull sledges they also make great guard dogs from bears and wolves in the remote villages. Plus they are extremely friendly and absolutely wonderful to hug!

It’s not just land based animals that are in abundance. The lakes and rivers are teeming with more than fifty kinds of fish such as carp, pike, sturgeon and some of the largest salmon in the world. In the air Yakutia is known as a place for mass nesting of more than 250 species of birds. Among them are such rare birds as the Pink Seagull, white and black Cranes, Curlew and Merlin.