Environmentalists to Count Polar Bears

Polar Bears

Bear Patrol of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is carrying out a raid to watch the autumn distribution of polar bears in the area of the Kolyma Gulf of East Siberian Sea.

The Nizhnekolymsky Inspection of Nature Protection is supported by WWF. Having started in motorboats from the village of Pokhodsk and having passed more than 200 kilometers along the Kolyma River and the gulf, they reached the Krestovaya Base.

During the raid on the boats they recorded two polar bears on the coast. In the area of ​​the Krestovaya cordon there were 10 polar bears (including 2 females, each with 2 cubs of the last year) of normal nutritional status.

“Bears are coming from the west, some of them go to the east, – says Viktor Nikiforov, head of the WWF Bear Patrol program.- The observers will work up to early November, then they will be able to go back home on snowmobiles”.