Putin to Celebrate Birthday in the Siberian Taiga


Russian President Vladimir Putin is going to have a day off and celebrate birthday on October 7 in the taiga. Said Press Secretary of the Head of State Dmitry Peskov, reports “Interfax”.

“Putin will take the day off tomorrow. Tonight he flies to Siberia to the Siberian taiga. This place is somewhere in 300-400 km away from the nearest habitation, from the nearest settlement”, – said Peskov. It is there, according to the spokesman, the President “will rest on his birthday”.

Peskov explained that a resting place was chosen because in the Siberian Federal District on Wednesday, October 8, the Head of State, who turns 62 years old, will have a formal event.

Press secretary assured that Putin will be given all the congratulations, including from abroad. He also said that the staff of the Kremlin administration do not give gifts to the President, but usually send “short collective telegram with warm words”.

Peskov, as quoted by RIA Novosti, said that gifts to the leader of the country are stored in the presidential library. The spokesman added that Putin can leave some gifts, for example, from friends, himself.